Frequently Asked Questions


What is a domain name?

A domain name is the unique web address (aka the URL) for your website. Examples of domain names include "" and ""

What is a TLD?

TLD stands for Top Level Domain, which is the technical term for a domain ending. Examples of TLDs include .com, .net, .org, and .dealer.

What is a SLD

SLD stands for Second Level Domain. The SLD is the phrase you choose before the TLD. In the domain name, ".dealer" is the TLD and "get" is the SLD.

What is a registry operator?

A registry operator, or registry for short, is the wholesaler of a TLD. A registry may operate one or more specific TLDs. Intercap Registry Inc. is the registry operator of .dealer, .inc, and .box.

What is a registrar?

A registrar is an authorized retailer of domain names. Registrars must be accredited by ICANN to sell domains. Registrars charge customers a retail price for each domain, and then pay that TLD’s registry the wholesale price. See which registrars carry .dealer.

What is a registrant?

The registrant is the owner of a specific domain name. Registrants must pay the annual subscription fees to their registrar to maintain ownership of their domains.

Why are domain names important?

A domain name can be one of your most valuable assets – it's your own piece of online real estate. A domain name is how new customers find you, form their first impressions, and recommend you to others. Your domain name is your online presence and should truly define your business.

Getting a .dealer domain

Where can I register a .dealer domain?

Search and register .dealer domains at or visit an authorized retailer.

How long is a .dealer domain subscription?

.dealer domain names can be registered for 1-10 years.

What .dealer domains are available to register?

Unlike most other domain endings, there are no premium or reserved .dealer domains. All .dealer domains have been made available for one flat price, including 1-3 letter initials and highly desirable keywords that typically demand significant premiums.

How much do .dealer domains cost?

The MSRP for .dealer domains is $1,999 USD for the 1st year, and $2,499 per year to renew. There are one-time early bird fees for .dealer domains registered during the Priority Registration Periods, prior to General Availability. Contact us to learn more.

Why are .dealer domains priced differently than other domain endings?

.dealer is priced for real dealers, so that great .dealer domains are available for your authorized retailer when you need them. If .dealer domains were $10 or less like other popular domain endings, many of the best domains would already be taken by opportunistic buyers, cybersquatters, or bad actors.

Are premium renewal fees necessary to deter cybersquatting?

In our opinion, yes. It is not uncommon for domain investors to spend hundreds of thousands on great domains in the aftermarket if they know their annual carrying costs will be $20 or less. Premium renewal fees mean that incredible .dealer domains are available at your authorized retailer when you want them.

Why do different retailers price .dealer differently?

All .dealer domains carry one flat wholesale price. Each retailer has its own pricing model, and .dealer cannot set this price.

About .dealer

How does .dealer deter abuse?

.dealer has strict anti-abuse policies and constant monitoring for spamming, phishing, and malware, so your audience can visit your .dealer website with confidence.

What are the benefits to owning a premium domain like .dealer?

.dealer domains provide instant credibility to build on your brand’s reputation. Buying an equivalent pre-owned domain in the aftermarket can be costly and time consuming. .dealer saves you the headache of negotiating high upfront fees with private sellers by making incredible .dealer domains available from authorized retailers, with customer support a call or click away.

Are there any requirements to own a .dealer domain?

No. .dealer domains can be registered by any individual or business, whether they are authorized domain dealers or not, and can be used for any purpose.

What languages can .dealer be registered in?

.dealer can be registered in the official languages of over 190 countries and territories. Search in your language of choice at

How does using a .dealer domain impact SEO?

According to Google, .dealer domains carry the same weight as .com and .org. In fact, there have been several independent case studies published that conclude new domain endings, such as .dealer, improve SEO and reduce CPC costs. Contact us for more information.

From a technical standpoint, is there a difference between .dealer and other domain endings?

No. .dealer is ICANN-accredited and functions the same way as other popular domain endings, like .com, .net, and .org.

What should .dealer domains be used for?

.dealer domains can be used for anything – from automotive to electronics, gaming, jewelry, and other retail products. Claim your territory and instantly legitimize your business as an authorized dealer.

Launch details

What are the different .dealer launch phases?

.dealer is launched in 3 phases. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified about the exact dates.

- April 29th, 2020: Priority Trademark Registration (aka Sunrise) – exclusively for eligible trademark holders (SMD file required)

- June 1st, 2020: Priority Public Registration (aka Early Access Period) – early bird registration for anyone to get .dealer domains up to 1 week before Global public registration (early bird fees apply)

- June 8th, 2020 – onward: Global Public Registration (aka General Availability) – all .dealer domains are available for immediate registration on a first-come, first-served basis

How can I become eligible for the Priority Trademark Registration Period?

To register your .dealer domain before Priority Public registration, you must have a trademark registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse. Once your trademark has been accepted, the TMCH will assign you an SMD file. This SMD file must be submitted for validation when you register a .dealer domain before Priority Public registration opens.

What is an SMD file?

An SMD file, or Signed Mark Data file, is an encrypted file that validates you as the owner of a certain trademark. One SMD file is assigned per trademark.

What can I register during the Priority Trademark Registration Period?

You can only register the exact trademark associated with your SMD file. For example, an SMD file for the trademark “Intercap Registry” would allow you to register “” and “” during the Priority Trademark Registration Period. Trademark variations and non-trademarks can be registered any time after the Priority Public Registration Period opens without any form of validation.

What if I don’t have an SMD file for my business?

No SMD file? No problem! We recommend registering during the Priority Public Registration Period to beat the lines before Global Public Registration on June 24, 2020.

What is the point of the Priority Public Registration Period?

The Priority Public Registration Period takes place the week immediately prior to the global launch. This is the first opportunity for any member of the public to register any .dealer domain. There are one-time convenience fees added-on to each domain you register for getting to beat the rush and secure the most desirable .dealer domains early.

How much are renewals for domains registered during the Priority Registration Periods?

All .dealer domains carry the same flat renewal fees of $2,499/year MSRP. Convenience fees during the Priority Registration Periods are one-time only.

Can I preorder .dealer domains early?

Yes! To give yourself the best odds of securing the .dealer domain you really want, contact us or visit an authorized domain retailer to submit a paid preorder for any launch period.

Will I still be charged if I don’t get the .dealer domain I preordered?

You will receive a full refund from your authorized domain retailer if the .dealer domain you preordered is no longer available during your chosen period. Contact us to learn more.