NADA - LAS VEGAS - February 13, 2020 - .dealer Domains is bringing modernization, creativity and marketing power to one of the automotive industry’s most overlooked yet valuable assets: the domain name. Founded by auto retail digital marketing experts, .dealer Domains gives OEMs, major dealer groups, and individual dealers the opportunity to strengthen their brands, and protect their names and territories by leveraging the digital marketing power inherent in .dealer domain names.

In recent years, the automotive industry has invested extensively in digital marketing campaigns that steer consumers into doing the bulk of their vehicle research and shopping online for a more streamlined, controllable experience. However, these campaigns are often directing traffic to complex website addresses that are difficult to remember or share, and easy to confuse with other stores. This can lead to lost traffic and missed branding opportunities that could be easily avoided with a customized, easily searchable, intuitive .dealer URL embedded into each campaign.

“The modernization of domains in automotive is an untapped opportunity that is simple, affordable, actionable and instantly meaningful. It’s really a no brainer when it comes to owning your brand, protecting your trademark, and optimizing marketing dollars,” says Andy Macleay, co-founder of .dealer Domains. “Customization to domains is forward-thinking, drives traffic, produces results, and can be leveraged across multiple marketing platforms - from social media ads to radio to billboards. We are delivering a competitive edge to the auto industry, and an opportunity to build consumer confidence knowing that any visit to a .dealer site is a visit to a trusted brand and an authorized dealer.”

.dealer Domains will initially be available to trademark holders beginning March 25, 2020. Following this first wave of registrations, non-trademarks can be registered starting on June 17, 2020 before the global release to the public on June 24, 2020. .dealer Domains carry a premium pricing model designed to maintain the availability of desirable domains for dealers at one flat fee. All names are available at launch including highly-competitive keywords like PreownedCars.dealer, LA.dealer, and SUV.dealer.

“We understand the auto industry and the specific challenges it faces with digital marketing because we’ve lived it; our team of experts has been creating opportunities and finding solutions for dealers to elevate their brand and drive engagement for a total of 50 years combined,” says Shayan Rostam, Chief Strategic Advisor at .dealer Domains.

"In automotive, significant dollars are invested in advertising, from TV to radio to newspaper to digital, and a memorable URL makes those investment dollars go much further. Instant recall is a powerful tool and we are excited to help the auto industry leverage it in the domain category.”

Below are some common questions about the value of domains and the process of adopting a new one. Visit the FAQ section of the website for answers to more questions.

Do I have to get rid of my .com in order to get a .dealer domain?
No! A .dealer domain can be used alongside an existing website for regional marketing, showcasing pre owned inventory, or as a centralized dealer group site. You can also migrate your existing website to a .dealer domain without any downtime, loss of traffic, or impact to SEO.

Suppose I am a vintage car dealer in Dallas. What customized domain can showcase my market niche?
We recommend registering the domains Vintage.dealer to capture customers shopping for vintage cars and Dallas.dealer for localized relevancy. We encourage creativity and simplicity for quick recall and simple searching.

How much is a .dealer domain?
The .dealer domain is based on a premium pricing model in order to discourage unwanted business practices such as buying names and reselling them for a higher price, holding back names from rightful owners, or using an address to disparage a business.

Is there a renewal fee for the domain?
Yes. All domain names, including .com, .net, .org, and .dealer, have annual renewal fees.

How do I get my traffic directed to a new .dealer domain?
All traffic is seamlessly and automatically redirected to the .dealer address for customers who opt for our the complimentary website migration service. After registration, dealers can contact our team for support and best practices when updating URLs. Contact ask@get.dealer to learn more.

How does using a .dealer domain impact SEO?
.dealer domains carry the same weight as .com and .org according to Google. There are several independent case studies published that conclude new domain endings, such as .dealer, actually improve SEO and reduce CPC costs.

About .dealer Domains
.dealer Domains is a new domain registry focused on brands who are looking to differentiate themselves among the commodity of .com's. The company will launch globally on June 24, 2020, and be available to trademark holders beginning on March 25, 2020. .dealer Domains is owned by Intercap Registry Inc., which owns and operates leading internet media businesses with a vision of building long term value, trust, and credibility. For more information or to begin your registration process, email ask@get.dealer or visit www.get.dealer.

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